Feeling Stressed? This Ritual Bath Can Help You Find Stillness & Inner Peace

Feeling Stressed? This Ritual Bath Can Help You Find Stillness & Inner Peace

Last night before bed, I looked up into the New York City sky. For the first time in the twenty years I’ve lived here, I saw stars everywhere. In that moment, I felt still, I understood that there is purpose in everything, and a breath of relief ran through my lungs. This level of inner peace is available to us only when we have built up the courage to face our shadows, both personally and collectively. Then, knowing ourselves, we choose to work towards the light. 

This global pandemic we’re facing, as well as the repercussions of it, means we are being challenged in ways we never could have imagined. No one could have expected that this level of change would be upon us at this time, so no one knows the “right” answers. We have to have to draw on the empowerment of patience, presence, and perseverance to navigate the changes at hand. In other words, we have to be our own healers. 

Peace is available to us when we are on the meditation retreat. In the midst of mental, economic, and physical health crises, it all has to do with how you embrace mystery. Mystery has so much medicine to offer us—love is mystery, birth is mystery, the future has always been a mystery. If you put down the weight of your worry, even for a moment, you’ll find your hands are free to receive the gifts of surrendering to the unknown.

If you’re interested in discovering this level of peace within yourself, this ritual bath can help.