Ulundogare recipe, ulandogare

Ulundogare, ulandogare is a rice variety made with urad dal (de-husked black gram). It really healthy, so simple to prepare, yet tasty and flavourful.When I was browsing Instagram, saw this ulundhogare and attracted by the name. I also love rice varieties (carbs😁) so decided to try it out. I browsed youtube and found this simple video and followed it to prepare this delicious rice variety. This was similar to the way mom prepares thengai sadam, but the slight variations make it taste totally different.First rice is cooked, cooled down and kept aside. Temper and mixed with rice. Then at the time of serving, roasted urad dal and kopra (I used dessicated coconut) is mixed for best tasting ulundogare. The crispy coarse powdered urad dal and pepper takes the rice to a whole new level.I tasted both when it is mixed and the urad dal is crisp as well as later after sometime. But the freshly mixed…