The Nightly Routine That Allows Me To Run A Business — Without Sacrificing Sleep

The Nightly Routine That Allows Me To Run A Business — Without Sacrificing Sleep

7 p.m.: I try to work out in the morning but some weekdays I need to be out the door a little earlier than usual. So on days like this, I’ll do a 30ish minute Peloton workout followed by a 20-minute Sunlighten sauna session in the early evening. I find that infrared saunas can help alleviate any stress that has piled on during the day, allowing your mind to be free and clear for sleep.

8 p.m.: After jumping through a quick shower, I’ll join my family to close out the evening with some sort of TV show (any Outlander fans out there?!) or a nature/historical documentary. If I am really good, I’ll wear my blue-light-blocking glasses while we watch.

9 p.m.: At this point, we start making our way to our bedroom, so I’ll mix a scoop of The Magnesium into a glass of water and chug it. Since it’s formulated with magnesium compounds like Albion chelated magnesium plus MagteinTM (magnesium L-threonate) that are proven to cross the blood-brain barrier, it works in a flash to calm my mind and enact a state of sleepiness.*

9:05 p.m. Second stop: wash my face and brush my teeth. I keep a rotation with a few favorite products and right now, I’m really loving the Barrier Bioactive Treatment from U Beauty, along with a few different products from Dr. Barbara Sturm, Dr. Whitney Bowe, and Agent Nateur.

9:15 p.m.: Before crawling into bed I’ll draw close our blackout curtains. This helps me sleep deeper and longer, especially in the summer when the sun rises early. Then I’ll turn off the bright overhead lights, turn on my side table lamp, and grab whatever book I’m currently reading off of my nightstand. 

9:45 – 10 p.m.: After finishing up my reading for the evening (I usually only last about 30 minutes) I’ll fill up my diffuser with a water bottle from my side table and a few drops of lavender essential oil. I’ll also add some to the bottom of my feet and my wrists for good measure.

10 p.m.: I’ll grab my weighted blanket from the edge of the bed, lay down, close my eyes, start a meditation, and it’s off to sleep before I realize my meditation is even over.

6 a.m.: Alarm clock goes off, but I usually wake up about a minute or two beforehand as my body has acclimated to my regular schedule. In order to keep the temptation away and screen time to a minimum, we charge our phones in another room at night, so we have a classic old-school style alarm clock!