Want to Achieve a Full-Body Orgasm? Here’s How.

Want to Achieve a Full-Body Orgasm? Here’s How.

Tantra has been around for thousands of years and teaches people how to connect with the universe and with their bodies on a cosmic level.

Unlike traditional sex, where the end goal is an orgasm in the genitals, tantra is about rediscovering yours and your partner’s bodies and learning how to move your sexual energy away from your genitals, up through your body and to your head.

When this sexual energy reaches your head, your body begins vibrating at a cosmic level. This can lead to a full-body orgasm – something which can be experienced by both men and women.

Of course getting to this stage takes time and practice. However, the incredibly intimate connection you’ll form with your partner and your body will be one of the most satisfying physical experiences you’ll encounter. Intrigued to learn how?

Before you lock your bedroom door and dim the lights, there are a few things you need to learn about your body and how a full-body orgasm works.

A full-body orgasm is the experience of feeling your whole body vibrating with orgasmic energy. This can be done outside of a sexual context as well as while making love…..anyone can learn how to have a full-body orgasm.
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Battle Of The Sexes

Essentially, men and women’s orgasms are the same. However, what it takes for men and women to reach them, and the likelihood of them occurring, are different.

The male orgasm gets less coverage than its female counterpart because generally speaking, they’re easier to achieve. Of course, psychological and physiological factors can still get in the way, as well as other influences such as alcohol and medication. But still,  approximately 90% of men reach orgasm during sex.

The more elusive female orgasm, on the other hand, is much more precarious in nature. This is because there’s more of a psychological element involved. Only an estimated 25% of women achieve orgasm during sex, meaning women find it harder to switch their minds off and let go.

Is this where the battle of the sexes begun? Let’s not go down that route. Let’s get back to achieving that full-body orgasm.

To achieve a full-body orgasm, you need to get your energy flowing:

When a man or woman makes love, the reason that they only experience an orgasm in the pelvis area is because this is the area that they intensely focus on. The mind is a very powerful tool. Where you focus and put your intention is where the energy goes. By using a combination of your intention along with the breath, anyone can circulate sexual energy throughout the entire body. The breath is the vehicle that moves energy throughout the body.
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The Solo Performance

To get your energy flowing through your entire body, there are few things you can do solo.

Firstly, set your intention. Take a few deep breaths in and let the day’s events drift. Then squeeze your perineum by doing a Kegel exercise.

With each squeeze, take a deep breath in and feel the energy flow all over your body. Exhale through your mouth. Keep doing this exercise until you feel your body sinking and a slight tingling feeling all over.

The perineum, which is contracted during Kegel exercises, is the meeting point of four different channels of energy flowing through the body. So with every squeeze, we’re opening up these pathways and releasing energy through the body.

By repeating this exercise daily (practice makes perfect!) and setting your intention, it’s possible to reach a full-body orgasm this way and without genital contact.

The Duel Performance


Achieving a full-body orgasm on your own is pretty impressive, and certainly would brighten up your bed if it’s a little lonely. However, I’m sure you’d also agree that there’s nothing quite like connecting with your partner in a deeply sexual way?

Once you’ve mastered the art of getting your energy flowing on your own, you’re ready to explore these skills with your partner. Every time you touch them, make each touch a sexual act – even if you’re just kissing their hand, feel the energy from this kiss. Take your time touching and building energy. Don’t rush it.

The more energy you have, the more intense the orgasm. Focus on the feeling you get from each touch, and the deep connection you have with your partner. As you explore each other’s bodies, slowly your energy will build momentum, and you’ll feel your mind and body transcending to a deeper place.

As you reach orgasm, pull the energy up through your body. Feel it traveling up your spine, stomach, fingers and all the way to your head. The tricky part is redirecting your energy up through your body and to your mind, but once you’ve mastered this, you’ll have little awareness of where each orgasm starts and finishes.

Aside from the obvious benefits of a full-body orgasm, it allows for a much deeper and magical connection with your partner. It frees your mind and body in a way that you’ve probably not felt before, intensifying not only your sexual relationship with your partner but your connection with the universe, too.

Have you introduced tantra into your relationship? We’re curious to hear about the deeper connection you’ve developed with your partner, your body and the universe. Have been any barriers to reaching this level of sexual awareness?

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