10 Best Williamsburg Boutiques

10 Best Williamsburg Boutiques

[This is the second post for Office Styling Guide.] I absolutely adore my life in Williamsburg. I could never imagine that one day I would say this when I was an Upper East Sider Girl. One day we decided to have a 1 bedroom apartment with washing machine and we ended up with our high rise waterfront building. Since then, I love our neighbourhood. And I love shopping in this area. You can find so many great boutiques and vintage stores. So here: 10 Best Williamsburg Boutiques.

Before I start my list I need to add that I love the curve through Greenpoint. I almost never go to Manhattan anymore. So I am gonna add boutiques also From Greenpoint. (Do I miss my Upper East Side years, of course!! I want to jog in the Central Park so bad, guys)

Lace Trim Camisole: Asos | culotte Pants: Zara (old season) | Violet Mules: Mango | Sunglasses: Quay | Box Bag: Mango Earrings: Six

Where to Shop in Williamsburg

Amarcord Vintage

When I say the vintage store, the first store in my mind is here. They have the best brand in great conditions. I am not a huge vintage shopper but here is a heaven for people like me. I swear sometimes I feel the items in here are not like used before. They are so clean and delicately taken care of. I can’t forget this lace dress that the most delicate one I’ve ever seen. And they did a great job to take care of that dress. In honour of that beautiful lace dress that I don’t own, I style this lace top.  (I don’t know why I didn’t but that dress, still dreaming about it.)

 The Vale Boutique

I love this boutique so much so I ended up one of my Coffee Talks Newest Yorkers video in this boutique’s backyard. They used to have a coffee shop in the front side but I shut down that part. I love versatile shopping experience this is why this store is one of my fav ones. It’s a shame that there are no coffee shops anymore. But they do have great brands like “Moon River”, “Yaz Bukey” “Quay Australia” and so many others. 113 N 7th St Brooklyn, NY 11249


Meg is one of my favourite independent designer brand based in Brooklyn. I think she has a great sense of trends. Very minimalistic and very up to date designs. And the prices are very good when you think that every piece has only 3-4 more item. It’s not like wearing from Zara that another girl has the same blouse from that season.54 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11211

Myths of Creation 

This place is one of the most fun to go stores in Williamsburg area. The owner is kind of my friend. Shame that we never met in person but she is one of my favourite internet personalities. I follow her Instagram religiously because she has the most interesting stuff to share. I mean not only images but her long captions. 421 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 @shopmyths


So, like every other fashion bloggers, I love designer brands. But I generally keep looking and checking them online. Bird is the best location to check all the alternative designer brands. They are not the brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc. More like Masur Gavriel, Robert Clergerie etc. 203 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mirth Vintage

I love Mirth Vintage of the nice best on in the neighbourhood. But they actually located in Greenpoint but definitely worth have a walk to Greenpoint to take a look their items. 606 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


I love Oak because I can check around with Fatih. So while I am digging stuff myself he actually enjoys checking men’s clothing for himself as well. But sometimes clothing items can be expensive but I love their unique accessories. Especially sunglasses. 55 Nassau Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

Scotch and Soda

Ok, I’ll admit It’s not a boutique but still love to shop here. I think they have the friendliest staff in this location. I forgot my favourite guys’ name but when I am there next time. I ask his name again. He is the best. Always find the stuff I like the most for me even though if they don’t have them in that store.

Pas Mal

If you live in Brooklyn enough you are gonna see this fashion style, minimalistic, easy, comfortable and gender-free. Pas mal is one of those brands that represent this style perfectly. I especially love the shoes and jumpsuits in this place. 99 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phenix Luxury Consignment + Vintage Collectibles

I bought my very first straw box bag from this store. The best thing about this store is you can actually find items are not breaking the bank. So many items from accessories to jewellery, clothing to the bags. 130 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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