5 Simple Ways You Can Beat Stress (Yes, It’s Easier than You Think)

5 Simple Ways You Can Beat Stress (Yes, It’s Easier than You Think)

Getting rid of stress becomes a whole lot easier once you know what to do and what not to do. There are specific areas of your life that you can tap into to make a positive change and get rid of stress for good.

Everything from the food you eat, to the grudges you keep, can relay into anxiety and stress. Your self-esteem and perception of the world around you play a significant role in this as well.

Beyond using the fidget spinner, here are five ways you can de-stress your life today!

1. Change Your Morning Drink

Making appropriate changes in what you consume every day makes a difference in how much stress you are incurring.

For example, coffee is a major stimulant for anxiety and then stress. Not everyone reacts to different amounts of caffeine consumption in the same way. Some people can tolerate it and go by their day like its nothing; others may unknowingly be suffering from stress and irrational anxiety because of having too many energy drinks or coffee.

If you really want to test it out, consider cutting out caffeinated beverages from your lifestyle and notice if it makes any difference for the better.

2. Sleep Better

One of the unfortunate paradoxes of sleep and stress is that stress causes one to lose sleep. However, it also happens to be the cause for one to be stressed out.

When you don’t get a good night’s rest your body and mind fall out of sync. While the world moves on, you don’t feel energized or prepared to greet the day, hence creating stress regarding your potential to be able to do your best.

A study found that a lot of people report that they get less than the recommended eight hour sleep time. 49 percent of Generation X admits that not getting proper sleep makes irritable, while 47% of millennials say the same.

If you are having trouble sleeping because of too much work, one neat trick is to grant yourself time before bed to relax; dim the light and don’t stare at any bright screens at least half an hour before you plan to hit the hay.

3. Manage the Clock (Time Management)

One easy way to make sure that your habits directly influence less stress for you is if you start managing your time well. You would be surprised to know the number of people who fail to stick to a schedule even though they think they will get everything on their list accomplished for the day.

Stress usually stems from thinking about a faltering plan–where you start doubting whether things that need to be done will ever really get done or not.

With terms like “Time is Money”, and “The early bird gets the worm”, a small slip in time management usually is cause for a major pointer that picks at your brain and makes you anxious about what you might have missed, and what you can no longer have just because you failed to manage your time.

While seemingly far-fetched, these are substantial stress-inducing reasons.

4. Get Moving

Exercise is an essential aspect of what you can do to combat stress.

According to the American Psychological Review, out of the 17% of people who admit they work-out regularly, 53% claim they feel great about themselves after exercising, 30% say they feel the stress go away, and 35% say it puts them in a good mood.

The benefits of exercise are the best when you practice it every day. Working out is actually known to lower stress hormones like cortisol in your body.

Another thing that physical activity effectively does is improve your sleep quality which is adversely affected by stress. Remember, not getting enough rest always makes it harder to work-out the next day, and even harder to concentrate and focus on the important tasks at hand.

5. Get Rid of Frustration and Anger

Another primary reason for people to feel stressed out all the time is that they are holding on to a lot of negative emotions. Let’s get one thing right. Toxic feelings never did do anyone any good.

When you are already mulling over unsolvable things or things of the past that cannot be changed, you will end up stressing yourself because you don’t have control to change any of them.

It is vital that you learn acceptance and how to not lose your cool in times when you must concentrate on more important matters. The best way to get rid of these feelings is to treat yourself and just let go. Move on, and give yourself another chance to do better. You will eventually persevere and see the difference yourself.

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