5 Steps to Reinvent Your Career

5 Steps to Reinvent Your Career

About 85% of people around the world feel unsatisfied with their job, according to a recent Gallup Survey. That is most people on the planet. Can you relate?

The ability to be empowered without losing sight of the end goal is a challenge that can be overcome. If we can reinvent our career by being true to ourselves and make our employer happy, it is a win-win situation.

Before you decide to give up on a career goal or settle for less, applying these tips may help to change the situation.

1. What Do You Truly Want?

In life, there is a difference between what we want and what we can get now. It is the reason that most people feel discouraged–because instant gratification is a higher priority than trusting the journey.

Think about your work experience, how your work benefits the company, or if networking has been a regular activity. Once you treat life like a Fortune 500 company, it is impossible to fail. Here are real questions to ask yourself to discover what you want:

  • Do I love what I do?
  • Do I perform at my best?
  • What can I do differently than my colleagues?
  • Would I give myself a promotion?

Being honest is the first step in changing your life. The truth hurts, but it can motivate improvement.

2. Personal Branding

Yes, engaging in social media, blogging, updating LinkedIn and networking is time-consuming. At the same time, personal branding is the key to success. If no one knows who you are or the value you can offer, it can be impossible to see results. Here are a few ways to take control of your destiny:

  • Brand all You Can: Personalize a professional website, business cards, and share best practices through a blog.
  • Networking: Stay cordial with colleagues at work–from team members to members of the executive suite.

Personal branding is a strategy that can be achieved with patience and creativity. It can be a free act that offers endless benefits.

3. Learn Multiple Skills

Let’s say a graphic designer is passionate about photography. Why not study photography? Another skill to add to the list includes is web design. You see where I am leading here.

Most professionals start developing new skills if their job in jeopardy. Get ahead of the game and if you notice the excitement of a job role dwindling, learn a few new skills sets to diversify responsibilities. It can potentially lead to an entirely new career path.

4. Accept That Failure is Inevitable

Aside from dreaming big, the journey will not always be easy. It is a point most of us don’t want to accept.

However, failure can be a stepping stone to success. It takes a mistake for some to realize there is a new way to do the job or it can be a wakeup call to improve.

The moment a person fails, depression, self-doubt or giving up on a dream can happen. But once we accept that success and failure are an inevitable part of life, it can motivate us to work smarter.

5. Be Prepared to Walk Away

The thought of leaving a company where a person has spent 5 – 10 years of their life is scary, but may be one of the best decisions made in one’s life.

I do not recommend quitting a job without another opportunity or business to depend on, but either the company is not the right fit, or your skills are best suited for another organization.

Aim to Take Control of Your Life

Despite the economy, news forecasts, or negative feedback from naysayers, we control our destiny. At times all it takes is changing our mindset or actions.

We do not have to make sacrifices to be successful; we need to be open to being an improved version of the person we were yesterday.

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