6 Ways Nature Can Supercharge Your Body, Mind & Soul

6 Ways Nature Can Supercharge Your Body, Mind & Soul

Many of us have lifestyles shackling us to the indoors: our jobs, our families, our homes, our devices. Your exposure to the outdoors might be walking through the parking lot, but do you have that yearning to include more nature time in your daily routine? Consider this short list of ways you can get an injection of Mother Earth and still manage to accomplish everything in your “indoor” world.

1. Take Daily Walks

One of the most accessible ways to connect with nature is simply through walking in it. Most of us can find a park or trail or an area within reach of our community, and it serves up several benefits: deeper and fuller breathing, cardiovascular health, mental clarity, physical strength, stress-reduction and emotional balance.

2. Sleep Or Nap On The Ground

There is nothing quite like sleeping on the ground to reconnect us to the earth. Think about any instance when you have sprawled out on a beach or a patch of grass. Remember how that made you feel? Negative energy leaves the body and refills it with an energy that is grounded and rejuvenating.

3. Hike In Wilderness

Beyond the physical benefits of going on a longer hike, the presence of spaciousness and silence are incredibly healing to the mind and emotions. Hiking requires presence and concentration, relaxed and rhythmic breathing, physical strength and a reasonable amount of surrender; it is literally almost impossible to hike while reviewing to-do lists in your head.

4. Take An Outdoor Fitness Class

People have become hip to the notion that taking an exercise class outside is very satisfying. It is highly likely that right now, in your community, someone is offering yoga in the park, Zumba on the beach, or tai chi by the river. Trade the stale air of the gym for fresh air, natural light and the obvious – a great natural setting.

5. Swim In The Ocean

Most people who have ever jumped in the ocean report feeling almost instantly better. It is true; ocean water is filled with thousands of negative ions which are responsible for the feelings of calm and euphoria. Scientists have been able to connect exposure to negative ions with a reduction in depression, so find a waterfall or ocean surf to play in!

6. Join A Wilderness Adventure Expedition

If you want more hands-on time in the wild, many opportunities are awaiting. For example, for a more spiritual, rite-of-passage type of experience, consider a vision quest. During these solo retreats, people transform in many ways: cathartic release, contact with animal spirits and other shamanic symbols, and very profound self-reflection. If a vision quest sounds a little too extreme right now, go on a wilderness expedition such as this survival course. You can learn survival skills such as building a shelter, starting a fire without matches and foraging for food.

Nature is precious and sacred to our existence. It provides us countless gifts and is always teaching us something – if we are willing to take the time to listen.

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