Axe and Lil Baby’s Foray Into Fine Fragrances Passes Gen Z’s Smell Test

Axe and Lil Baby’s Foray Into Fine Fragrances Passes Gen Z’s Smell Test
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The partnership between Axe and Lil Baby already had the sweet smell of success, given the rapper’s open affection toward the brand prior to his stratospheric rise. But the duo’s latest campaign—by way of The Martin Agency—drives that point home as they find creative ways to introduce Gen Z to the world of fine fragrances.

In “G.O.A.T. Mall,” the inaugural spot for “The Fine Fragrance G.O.A.T” campaign announcing the launch of the brand’s Fine Fragrance Collection, a four-armed version of the “Drip Too Hard” artist (whose hit is used in the spot) appears from a “special” fragrance counter to persuade mallgoers to try the scents. One sniff then transforms them into animated video game characters, with the spot’s hygienic hero sporting a blinged-out goat helmet to indicate his new status as the real G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) for making the right choice.

The brand also released a 15-second spot for the bodywash on social. Both spots were directed by Mike Diva, whose previous work includes SNL’s famed shorts.

“We set out to create new fresh symbols of luxury,” Mik Manulik, creative director at The Martin Agency, said in a statement. “To create something that truly didn’t look like anything else out there.”

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“We pulled from anime, gaming, music, modern art [and] wove them together to bring to life a visually stunning world of new luxury. One that perfectly represents the new Fine Fragrance Collection.”

The vibrant and trippy spots continue the brand’s tradition of being fun and fearless with the creative to match their artist muse and, importantly, the Gen Z audience who typically eschews (and sometimes mock) fragrance brands that take themselves too seriously.

“This is the freshest thing Axe has ever done,” added Lil Baby in the statement. “The Fine Fragrance Collection has me feeling like I’m wearing the finest of fine colognes. That’s why it’s the new GOAT.”

Caroline Gregory, Axe’s global brand director, tells Adweek the brand was thrilled to reunite with the red-hot rapper for the campaign and teased that fans are getting just a whiff of what’s to come with the aromatic alliance.

“We’re excited about continuing our partnership with Lil Baby again this year,” says Gregory. “He is an existing AXE user—it’s actually on his tour rider—so the partnership makes a lot of sense for us.’