Bring Light to Your Hanukkah Table With These 40 Festive Recipes

Bring Light to Your Hanukkah Table With These 40 Festive Recipes

Eight days every year, Jewish people around the world give thanks that centuries ago, a bit of oil—only a day’s worth!—lasted long enough to keep a sacred lantern lit for a week and some change. In the spirit of this miracle, we light candles and fry foods on Hanukkah.

The Festival of Lights is not the festival of light fare: Its two most central foods are fried potatoes and fried dough. While latkes and sufganiyot are the crispy golden stars of many a Hanukkah meal, those two dishes don’t have to be the only focus. Here, we’ve gathered enough colorful salads and sides, show-stopping briskets, and latkes of all kinds to brighten your plate during Hanukkah.

This article was updated 11.29.23.

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