Brotherly Rivalry Takes the Field in the NFL’s Pro Bowl Games 2023

Brotherly Rivalry Takes the Field in the NFL’s Pro Bowl Games 2023

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Though they’ve changed form many times over the decades, the Pro Bowl Games have been kicking since 1939, making them one of the NFL’s proudest traditions. Keeping things fresh after 80-plus years in the making might not be easy, but even in 2023, the brand is introducing new elements, including the first-ever NFL Flag Football games.

To celebrate this event, the NFL is leaning into self-referential humor with some of its best and brightest. Tapping coaches Eli and Peyton Manning alongside star athletes Demario Davis and Josh Jacobs, the NFL has teamed up with 72andSunny for its new campaign to promote the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.

This campaign consists of three new spots, each leaning into the self-referential humor of the NFL. In “Brotherly Love/Hate,” we see the sibling rivalry between Eli (AFC) and Peyton (NFC), debating the merits of their respective conferences until Peyton closes the argument by saying, “Mom loves AFC more,” leaving Eli speechless as Peyton casually brags that their mom calls him every morning.

The family that coaches together

Each of these ads leans into the Mannings’ status as football champions while showing an occasionally comical approach to coaching. In “The Art of Flag Pulling,” Eli shows Demario Davis how to pull a flag by “gripping and ripping,” only for Demario to rip the dummy apart, innocently asking, “Too much rip?” In “Water Balloon Toss,” Peyton gives Josh Jacobs confusing instructions on how to compete.

“No one is more uniquely positioned to coach our AFC and NFC Pro Bowl teams than the Mannings, with both Peyton and Eli having participated in multiple Pro Bowls,” said Tim Ellis, NFL chief marketing officer, in a statement.

The skills challenges will take place over several days and will be broadcasted live for the first time on ESPN on Feb. 2 at 7-8:30 PM ET and throughout the day on Feb. 5. The public event takes place at Allegiant Stadium on Feb. 5 and tickets are available online.

These spots will run until Feb. 5 across U.S. domestic broadcast, social and digital channels.

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