Comment on Meghan Markle Wedding Dress and Photos

Comment on Meghan Markle Wedding Dress and Photos

I was wondering if I am the only person on earth thinks that Megan Markle’s wedding dress looks ill-fitting. And then I heard Katy Perry also thinks the same way I do.

So here is the thing, I love this couple and their love story. Seriously they genuinely look so much in love. I’ve never seen any other celebrities look this much in love.

This sketch shows more waist than the result of the dress.

Of course, I was expecting to see her in a very natural, refined and tailored wedding dress. I think this dress is great but not the waistline. Dear beautiful  Meghan looks like she has no waist and I don’t know which bride would want to do that. I don’t know whose idea was to go with “slender sculpted waist“. We don’t know If It looks different in person because most of the world has seen the dress from TV or Youtube.  And It doesn’t look good or either “slender sculpted waist” from the photos. I don’t know maybe If there were some embroidery or any kind of design details in the waist area then I would have talked about how stunning this dress is. So even though I like the idea, I am not very glad about the result.

Looks like she has no waist

It looks beautiful from this angle though.

Secondly, so many people criticized her hair and makeup. She is the most gorgeous girl with messy hair bun but definitely not with the 5 metres of the veil. Her hair should have more elegantly held up so we can enjoy her natural beauty.  I don’t think she did something bad with keeping her make up in minimum. This is royal bride we are talking about. Go check your google images almost all the royal birdes has very limited makeup. So makeup is 5 star but not the hair. And I was thinking maybe because of this is her second marriage, she wants to keep everything very simple and elegant the way things in their natural shapes. I can easily tell you that If I get married today at the age of 30, I totally wear something different, although I still love my mermaid dress. 🙂 (I was 25 when I got married). And Meghan is 36, I am afraid she has right to be more mature and elevated.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ride in an Ascot Landau after their wedding ceremony to Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Although the new Duchess is the feminist one, she is still the victim of fairytale stereotype.

How About Those Official Wedding Photos?

I have to admit that I have never watched Suits and didn’t know about the existence of Meghan Markle until she started to be with Harry. So I don’t want to be too dramatic about this part since I don’t know her well. But everybody keeps talking about how different she is, how feminist she is because she walked down the aisle by herself etc.


How about these wedding photos than? Why on earth in all the wedding photos she sits one step down on the floor than Harry. Harry has this overpowering stance and poise in almost every single photos. And please remember their engagement photo, too. I wish I could see them sitting side by side at least for one photo. Although the new Duchess is the feminist one, she is still the victim of fairytale stereotype.

Is there anybody else than me recognize this?

You can be an advocate of your passion in your life, you can be lifetime achiever of your ethos, but you can not change the country that’s root goes back to 1066.* But maybe she has the power to change the website of Royal family. The page about her has not been mentioned her acting career like it never was there.

I believe that some people think that I am a hater. No, I am not. I am just an honest person and want to see somebody like her in one the oldest establishment I the world. I want to see so many others like Meghan. But we have to be honest about our opinions to see more change in this world. Join the conversation on “Comment on Meghan Markle Wedding Dress and Photos“. Let me hear your opinions about her and the wedding.

I have all the best wishes for Meghan for her long hard journey.

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