Emily Ratajkowski Defends Kim Kardashian from Critics Who Say Her Sex Tape Isn’t Feminist

Emily Ratajkowski Defends Kim Kardashian from Critics Who Say Her Sex Tape Isn’t Feminist

Emily Ratajkowski has never been silent on the topic of slut-shaming. From shutting down talk-show hosts who criticize her topless Instagrams to calling out adult men who sexualized her at 12 years old, the 26-year-old model has always been pro-women and will defend the rights of women to express their sexuality however they want until the day she dies. And yes, she also means sex tapes.

In an interview with Elle Australia, Ratajkowski slammed critics who believe that her close friend Kim Kardashian isn’t a feminist because she has a sex tape. The “I Feel Pretty” star explained that women, such as Kardashian and Melania Trump, who faced rumors that she was a former prostitute, are perhaps the most in need of defending because of their sexual history.

“I was like, ‘This is funny that these are the people that I end up fighting for.’ But I kind of feel like they’re the most important people, too,” Ratajkowski said. “Like, don’t differentiate, don’t change your politics because you don’t think a person with a sex tape deserves protection or you discount somebody because of their sexual history.”

The “Gone Girl” star even went on to suggest that she looks up to Kardashian as a feminist hero and channels her confidence when she feels down. “I think Kim Kardashian is actually an incredible feminist. I channel her when I’m having a bad day. I’m like, ‘Here’s someone who really doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks.’ I would like to be that person who is above it all, and she is that way,” Ratajkowski said.

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In the same vein, Ratajkowski also called out interviewers who describe her entirely by her looks and assume that she isn’t smart because she’s conventionally attractive. “I’ve definitely experienced that. I mean, most profiles written about me are like, ‘We’re so surprised she’s smart!’ On one hand, I get that it’s natural instinct to have an idea about someone, but also, fuck you,” Ratajkowski said.

The model also called out other women who slut-shame her and consider her a “victim of the patriarchy” because she chooses to show her body on Instagram. “I think it’s really bad for women, this competition and ‘judginess’. It’s something I deal with every day when I get dressed, like are you being objectified or are you being empowered?” Ratajkowski said. “And I truly believe that no matter who looks at me and thinks, ‘Oh God, she’s wearing a tank top and look at her boobs, how sad that she’s a victim of the patriarchy,’ I’m thinking, ‘Well, fuck you, I feel great. And I like what I’m wearing, and I like how I look. That’s more important than your idea about that.’”

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Thanks for keeping it real, EmRata.