How Exercise Makes Entrepreneurs More Productive

How Exercise Makes Entrepreneurs More Productive


We all know that exercising and eating right can improve your overall health, which of course goes a long way to helping prepare you for all the tasks you have to handle in life, including your job.  But did you know that regular exercise can actually help alleviate stress, improve self-confidence and boost productivity?

That’s something that many successful entrepreneurs have come to discover and why they make exercise a part of their daily routine.

So what exactly is the connection between exercising and better job performance?

There are actually many ways in which getting in a workout, whether walking or running outdoors or even putting in a session on an exercise bike can make a big difference to your work life.  It’s all about giving you a burst of energy, allowing you to work off excess stress and improving your sense of self-worth, all of which are vital points for hard-working entrepreneurs.  That’s why many of the most prominent businessmen and women cite regular exercise as one of the most important factors in their success.

Aside from the immediate physical benefits, such as improving your muscle tone, increasing endurance, and helping you to shed excess weight, regular exercise can have many mental and emotional benefits as well.

First among them is relieving stress, which can be a major stumbling block for busy entrepreneurs.  It’s easy for the responsibilities of your job to pile up and begin to take a toll on your mental and physical health so it’s important to have a healthy outlet to work off excess stress.

Since stress can be a significant impediment to productivity, having some way to let go of it can work wonders for you.  And with the accessibility of gyms in the workplace and in hotels, it’s even possible to take your workout with you when you travel.  See if your hotel has an in-house gym where you can get a workout on the exercise bike or treadmill or if not, just get out and take a walk around the city.  Not only will you be doing your body good, but you can also take a load off your mind as you relax and enjoy the sights.  Then you can return to your hotel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Along with relieving stress, exercise encourages the release of endorphins, giving you a feeling of being energized and able to handle any challenge.  This can be particularly helpful if you get in a workout before heading to the office in the morning or just before a high-pressure meeting.  That extra burst of energy will help you to stay focused and stay on task and may even help to motivate others around you.  And that’s important because part of being a good entrepreneur is having an effective team around you.

To that end, many successful business owners make a point of including opportunities for exercise for their entire team, whether through team building adventures or just by having gym facilities available within the company.  And availing yourself of those facilities not only helps your own approach to the job but it can set a good example for your employees, letting them know that good health is just as important to you as doing a good job.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to productivity can be getting too lost in a jumble of different thoughts and ideas.  Often you can find yourself working so hard to come up with new and innovative approaches that you wind up grinding to a standstill.  Exercise can be a big help on this point, allowing you the time to clear your mind and get those creative juices flowing again.  It’s amazing how just getting your mind on something else for a short period of time can make such a big difference.

Another thing that can hamper productivity is having the wrong frame of mind.

Many entrepreneurs end up tripping themselves up because they lack the confidence to be a leader.  Regular exercise can help to give you a whole new, positive outlook on improving your self-image and then allowing you to bring that newly gained confidence from the gym to the boardroom.  The difference may be noticeable not just to you but also to everyone around you.

There is little doubt about the many benefits of regular exercise, but that is particularly true for hard working entrepreneurs.  It may seem like you’re far too busy to make the time for a walk, run or ride on a stationary bike but the more you can fit a regular period of exercise into your daily routine, the better off you’ll be and the more you’ll see your productivity begin to soar.

So don’t trip yourself up; get up, get moving and find out what a difference exercise can make to your work life.

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