Kyle Richards Is a Changed Woman & Now, She’s Spreading Her Wings

Kyle Richards Is a Changed Woman & Now, She’s Spreading Her Wings

Being the last remaining original cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills not only makes Kyle Richards one of the most storied figures in reality TV history, but also an icon in every sense of the word. Jumping at the chance to chat with the Bravolebrity, I wanted to know all about how she’s turned every trial into a platform for personal growth.

Over the course of 13 chaotic seasons, the world has watched her ride high highs and low lows. Now, we’re seeing her undergo a metamorphosis. At 53, she’s glowing with the promise of a freshly-hatched butterfly, eager to spread their newfound wings. A former child star with a long acting resumé, the most meaningful role Kyle Richards ever stepped into was herself. And this year, her character arc is proof that so much of her story is just beginning.

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Ever since an insider told People that she and Mauricio Umansky—her husband of 27 years—had separated back in July 2023, fans have had the pleasure of watching Kyle Richards transform people’s expectations of her. Between her life-altering decision to get sober and the way she’s dabbled in getting several tiny tattoos—including matching tattoos with Morgan Wade that make rumors of their new romance all the more intriguing—it’s clear she’s entering an even more authentic era; one that prioritizes her own happiness and well-being above all.

Despite all these challenging changes, her long and legendary hair has never looked better, a fact that has allowed her to partner with Nexxus and promote the Unbreakable Care™ line that is, in and of itself, a metaphor for her strength. Designed for fine and thinning hair, its products boast keratin protein, biotin, and collagen amino acids, which are all essential for avoiding breakage and maximizing fullness. As the face of this new collection, her spirit is just as unbreakable as her hair.


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By focusing on finding joy in her fitness goals, venturing into new professional arenas, and spending time with her three daughters Farrah (35), Sophia (23), and Alexia (27), Kyle Richards has been able to exude strength while standing in the eye of a media storm. She’s also a testament to the way embracing change does not always mean having to sever ties with your past, as she’s still planning to spend Christmas with Mauricio, telling TMZ on December 5 that they’re “getting along”.

Over email, she tells StyleCaster how she’s healing from these changes and what she’s looking forward to in light of her new future. She also dishes on how she’s navigated her long history as a Beverly Hills housewife, as well as who her favorite former and current cast members are:


SC: We’ve seen you experience some tough family-oriented changes throughout all 13 seasons, what are some ways you’ve processed and coped with these changes? Any new rituals or hobbies that have helped?

KR: I find a lot of comfort in my wellness routine. I really enjoy taking care of my body—I have been alcohol free for 17 months now—eating healthy, doing my workouts, and I also love meditation. Feeling strong from the inside out has definitely helped me feel unbreakable. 

SC: You’ve been undergoing a fascinating metamorphosis in recent history—what are some new things you’re currently feeling excited about in your life?

KR: I’m excited to keep challenging myself. I recently just did my first 10k and I’m planning to do more races, it was really fun. I’m also professionally challenging myself, currently producing a docuseries and that’s been exciting too. 

SC: Who are you leaning on as you process all the major life changes you’ve been through this year? 

KR: I have a strong group of people close to me that I can always lean on. My family unit is very strong, I’m so close with my girls and we have a lot of fun together. I also have a great group of friends. I do find surrounding yourself with positive people and influences makes a big difference. 


SC: What is your favorite thing about being a Housewife now that you’re 13 seasons deep?

KR: It’s given me and my family a lot of opportunities and looking back it’s fun to see how Portia has grown up on the show. I also love the crew so much, and after being in my home for so many years, they are like family now too. 

SC: Now that you’re sober, what rituals are helping you stay centered and focused on your goal of sobriety?

KR: I chose to stop alcohol because I had returned from a trip and just wanted a reset to my healthy habits, but turns out, I didn’t miss it, and still don’t. I feel so clear mentally and physically. I don’t have those days waking up feeling bad, and overall that helps with everything. 

SC: Which former Housewife would you bring back to RHOBH if you could?

KR: I would bring back my sister, Kim. She was an OG like me, so that would be fun. You will see her some this season but I would love her back full time. Or Teddi, she is one of my best friends and we have a lot of fun together too! 

SC: If you went on another Ultimate Girls Trip, which five Housewives from other franchises would you want to bring with her? And why?

KR: I would say Kenya Moore, we already did UGT together but we had some fun there! 


SC: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which 3 Nexxus products you would absolutely want to have on hand?

KR: I am loving the new Unbreakable collection! Because I have so many days where I have to style my hair and this last year I actually lightened it some, I did a little damage. The shampooconditioner, and root lift hair thickening spray
 have helped me reverse the damage and keeps my hair looking healthy, shiny, and full! 

SC: What is the most important tip you can share for maintaining healthy hair?

KR: I try to avoid over washing and using too much heat when I don’t need it. I also love a good hair masque to keep it conditioned and healthy! 

SC: In what ways has getting tattoos helped you heal & reclaim your identity?

KR: It’s just been fun! I got all of them with my friends or family, and one on my birthday last year. I’m thinking about what I can get next! 

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