Mindset Coach, William Cassidy, Launches FREE Mini-Class That Simplifies Life Mastery

Mindset Coach, William Cassidy, Launches FREE Mini-Class That Simplifies Life Mastery

Life Mastery BlueprintAuthor, Publisher and Mindset Coach William F. Cassidy launches new training offering a simplified life mastery blueprint called “Greater Powered: The Blueprint for Manifesting Your Unimaginable Dream Life” that helps anyone who isn’t thrilled with their life feel complete, confident, healthy, relaxed, and fulfilled; eliminate unwanted people, things, circumstances and experiences; and effortlessly create their dream life.

Southampton, NY August 16, 2021 – William Cassidy, a meditation and mindset coach, announced the release of a new video training. The free training consists of a video mini-class with a downloadable report that simplifies life mastery into a 5 step blueprint. The training was designed to make student’s lives easier, better and more fulfilling.

For most of us, our life isn’t exactly what we thought it would be and we don’t understand why. In this simple 5 step blueprint Cassidy helps you find what’s missing and fix what’s broken so that you can attract, achieve and experience everything you want, eliminate anything you don’t and live your best, happy, healthy, abundant dream life.

“Think of it this way” says Cassidy “pretend you have the power to attract any thing, person, experience or circumstance that you want into your life, eliminate any thing, person, experience or circumstance that you don’t want and feel powerful, confident, at ease and fulfilled while you do it. Well, you have this power. What you don’t have is the knowledge, skill and understanding to leverage it beneficially. This is what I’m teaching in my mini-class and coaching programs.”

The training is less than 20 minutes and can be accessed for free with the blueprint report at greaterpowered.com. There is also an advanced training program that expands in detail on the blueprint. Currently, it is text based and can only be accessed with one of his Greater Powered coaching programs. It is being finalized into a one off product and no official release date has been set. 

William Cassidy is a best selling author with over 20 years of meditation, study and personal experiments and has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many other well known news media websites. To learn more about Bill’s products and coaching services, visit wfcassidy.com or contact William at (631) 287-6615.


William Cassidy

About William Cassidy

William Cassidy is an Easy Living and Mindset Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Jackass who specializes in self and life mastery.

Bill helps those seeking better and/or more self realize, master their minds and consciously create their best, happy, healthy, fulfilling dream life of ease, joy and abundance by leveraging proven self mastery and manifestation techniques.