Pharma Brands Use AR Snapchat Lenses to Engage Consumers

Pharma Brands Use AR Snapchat Lenses to Engage Consumers
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Pharmaceutical companies Dermavant and Botox Cosmetic have turned to Snapchat to teach consumers about their products’ FDA-approved use.

To coincide with World Psoriasis Day on Oct. 29, Dermavant released a Snapchat Lens themed to its product Vtama that opens an augmented reality mini-game where the user’s character can walk across the roofs of stores with names related to challenges those with psoriasis may face, such as Flakey Bakery and Can’t Wear Black With Plaques. Users can tap the screen to jump over obstacles that appear from these stores, like croissants and black turtlenecks.

As the game is played, medical information about the cream appears at the bottom of the screen.

“These AR Lenses highlight the innovation that is possible within pharmaceutical marketing, a heavily regulated space. We’re very excited to partner with Snapchat and have the opportunity to reach and educate consumers about our FDA-approved product in new and engaging ways,” said John Darden, vp of marketing at Dermavant.

Elsewhere, Botox celebrated Botox Cosmetic Day on Nov. 15 with a Snapchat Lens that places a small slot machine above the user’s head and asks them to frown their eyebrows, smile and raise their eyebrows to cause three reels to stop spinning. If the user creates a line of three matching symbols, celebratory icons fall from the top of the screen.

If someone keeps the Lens open after they’ve performed the expressions, the Botox Medical Guide will appear on the screen to give them more information about the product.

“The AR Lenses from Botox Cosmetic and Vtama cream are great examples of how our AR technology allows brands from different verticals to engage with our users in unique, informative and fun ways,” said David Sommer, head of U.S. verticals at Snap Inc., noting that more than 250 million people engage with AR on the app daily.

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