Carrot sambar recipe, sambar with garlic

Carrot sambar recipe with garlic, makes a flavourful sambar. Learn how to make carrot sambar – delicious, tangy sambar with full video & step by step pictures.We usually make paruppu rasam with loads of crushed garlic, sambar powder and we love it a lot. Dal with crushed garlic gives a great flavour. If you have already tried the recipe, then you must sure try this carrot sambar too. If you have not tried, trust me and go ahead, try this sambar with garlic. I had this sambar in a restaurant and could easily figure out the sambar had crushed garlic, so immediately tried it at home and turned out exactly same.Adding 3 tomatoes and jaggery also adds deliciousness to the sambar and it turns out perfectly balanced.Carrot sambar recipe Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: LunchPrep Time: 10 mins  |  Cook time: 20 mins |  Serves: 4  | Author: Raks anandClick here for cup measurementsCarrot sambar recipe with garlic,…